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10 Reasons to Book Robin

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10 Reasons

  1. Robin is a world-class expert on success, winning and motivation, who has spoken to over 1200 corporate and professional organisations in over 42 countries world-wide.
  2. Robin is an international best selling author whose first book ‘Natural Born Winners’ has been translated into 18 languages and is sold in over 100 countries including China and Japan.
  3. Robin’s main goal in life is to inform, engage and inspire individuals and organisations to look beyond their limiting beliefs and create sustained personal and professional success.
  4. Robin’s background as a writer and television producer at the BBC enables him to connect with audiences and hold their full attention for his presentations which are noted for the laughter generated as much as the powerful content.
  5. His presentations consistently receive the highest ratings, and he has twice spoken to audiences with members of the Royal family present; as well as the House of Lords.
  6. Robin is noted for being thoroughly professional and very easy to work with.  Whatever happens on the day Robin will work with the conference team and client, to make the event live on in the minds of those who attended.
  7. Robin was the first UK speaker to be awarded the FPSA (Fellowship of the Professional Speakers Association) in recognition of his achievements by his peers.
  8. In 2006 Robin was the first UK speaker ever to be invited to speak an audience of 2,000 professional speakers on the main platform at National Speakers Association Conference in America – an honour that is recognised as validation of professional excellence.
  9. Robin is a successful businessman; he is not a ‘theory guy’. He is a business practitioner and the message he delivers has been bench-tested in the real-world.
  10. Robin is a world-record holder. On 22nd December 2002 he achieved the world record for the coldest round of 18 holes ever played in Fairbanks Alaska at -26C.

If you are still not convinced hear are four more reasons:

  1. Robin knows that no matter how many laughs, nods of recognition, or tears are shed during a talk, if it does not create ‘state change’ within the listener, they will do nothing with the information. Robin is able to move audiences to make the change from knowing to doing.
  2. Robin makes it a point of personal pride in representing the meeting planners, bureaus and production companies who book him for their clients as his number one priority. Making it a win-win-win for all parties.
  3. Robin will make a BASE jump onto the stage as long as there is 150 feet of clear air above the platform
  4. He is passionate and professional about his life work and always gets the message across in a motivating and memorable way

Please note that clause 13 is in fact a joke – just in case someone there is going “cool I wanna see that, and Robin not getting the message is honour bound to attempt the stunt”