Executive Coaching

With his work amongst many Fortune 500 companies Robin has a realistic understanding of the pressure and challenges facing senior management, in their day-to-day life. The difficulties of getting work/life balance.  The pressure to deliver to ever shortening deadlines.  The challenges of responding to ever growing competition. With this in mind, Robin is now coaches senior executives.

These are real world; roll up your sleeve performance changing coaching sessions, and not feel-good casual conversations about how things are going.

Business life is constantly changing, and learning how to be flexible and adaptable is to learn a life skill – a skill that business demands. Yet, along with dealing with uncertainty, getting used to the ‘new’ is one of the things we find hardest to cope with. Robin recognises the importance of supporting and developing individuals and teams through change, so that they are able to function at their best, and contribute fully to the business. We work with our clients to develop constructive attitudes; we challenge limiting beliefs and negative behaviours, and demonstrate how to achieve unbridled success through maintaining the mind-set of a winner and the behaviours of success.

Robins philosophy believes that each of us is born with the ability to succeed in our chosen field. It is the quality of the thoughts we have and the choices we make, which determine how we experience ‘today’ and see ‘tomorrow’. As we go through life and meet with negative or painful experiences and influences, we start seeing and believing in limitations, and let chance rather than choice determine our life outcomes. Robin understand that in business life is changing faster than ever before, therefore the coaching is to focus on the opportunities created by change, by helping clients breakthrough limitations of the past, and manifest a winning mind-set and behaviours.

Robin work with the organisations and the individual client at the outset to agree the coaching objectives.  We sign a NDA with all our clients, so that the content of coaching sessions is a strictly private consultation between Robin and and client. The coaching is all about helping highly pressured and often stressed individuals, fix the parts of their life, which are damaging their health and productivity and change their mind-sets and behaviours so they can perform at their very best.

If you’d like to talk about creating a bespoke programme to meet your business requirement please give us a call. We’re happy to talk, because your success, is our business..