Master Classes

A Guided Seminar for Business and Personal Reflection


The Executive Retreat is Sieger Internationals’ flagship programme, and is designed to create personal transformation. This programme is facilitated  exclusively by Robin Sieger, participants can expect to understand how to transform themselves to elite levels of performance. It is designed to give space for senior executive and those who shape the business to have a period of reflection and renewal. Allowing them to stand back from the business and take a fresh look at it through a series of informal non threatening interventions.  There are talks, group discussions, one to one sessions with Robin, and surprise challenges that are designed to be fun, yet meaningful learning opportunities. The retreat allows for more intense examination of the heart, and rediscovering the core values, for the business, the people and those particularly attending, in a safe learning environment, where all discussion remain private, and confidentially assured.

It is an intense period of facilitated personal reflection enabling attendees to understand a powerful personal sense purpose to themselves, their peer group and their business.  The course seeks to give the individual a once in a lifetime opportunity to step back and look inwards at themselves and to understand  both their themselves and their colleagues.

Who Should Attend?

Board members, and senior executives who are part of the succession plan – or other members of an organisation who are the decision makers responsible for shaping the future culture and success of business. Plus anyone who needs to wake up and grow.


All candidates must pass a pre retreat interview, to ascertain if they will benefit from the retreat. As the course is an intense three day learning period, and is unconventional in its methods, it is important that those attending are aware of what will happen.