42 Days to Wealth, Health and Happiness


42 DAYS TO WEALTH, HEALTH AND HAPPINESS is your personal blueprint to success, taking you through a programme that will renew body, mind and spirit to realise your true potential, increase your self-esteem and find happiness.

People don’t fail because they lack, motivation, desire or ambition. They fail because they have the ‘failure habit’ so deeply ingrained into their subconscious mind that they don’t know it influences their thinking and subsequent expectations.

This is the reason why so many people fail to lose weight, get fit, change jobs, start their own businesses and have meaningful relationships. This unique book shows you how to break the failure habit with a day-by-day guide to personal transformation.

Robin Sieger shows you how to take control of your life and create a ‘success habit’ to achieve lifelong happiness.


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    Best Book Ever !!!

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