Natural Born
Winners – Kindle Edition


Learn how to achieve happiness and gain personal fulfilment. We’re all Natural Born Winners – but although we have automatic levels of self-confidence and belief as children, these can often be lost as we grow up. Robin Sieger was inspired to create the Natural Born Winners programme following his experience of cancer at just thirty years of age. The lessons and strategies he learnt are distilled here to show you how to rediscover that confidence and build your own happiness and success, through seven basic principles.



Since its was first published in 1999 Natural Born Winners, has been one of the most read books, on personal development. Translated into over 20 languages and sold world-wide, it has become an international best seller.

Following his experiences with cancer at the age of 29, with no career or prospects, Robin Sieger determined if there were real principles at the heart of success and happiness, he would find them. Within three years he had turned every aspect of his life around, however he did have trouble convincing others it had nothing to do with luck.

The lessons and strategies he learnt were distilled into Natural Born Winners, a practical guide to true success and happiness. Written not only to show you how, but written to inspire you to take action, to create the life you want and deserve.

The lessons contained in this book show you how to rediscover the confidence to commit to transforming your life, in ways you would never have imagined. Tens of thousands of people around the world have changed their lives through the inspiring principles of Natural Born Winners. With this remarkable and inspiring book as your guide and companion you can rediscover the Natural Born Winner in you.


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