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“The keynote speakers were of exceptionally high calibre. All 4 speakers: Edward De Bono, Robin Sieger, Brian Nennett and AndreyZarur were very well received with De Bono and Sieger being praised by 95% of respondents.”


“The matter-of-factness and simplicity of your message and the mix of humour and sincerity in your delivery really consolidated the direction of the conference.”

Tetra Pak

“Your 90 minute presentation ’Inspirational Thinking for Success’ far exceeded our expectation and left a lasting impression and a tangible result. Your contribution created buzz and excitement in the discussions between participants afterwards”


“The sheer challenge of engaging 350 sceptical and cynical senior executives from multiple backgrounds and varied business functions is a daunting assignment. It’s Mission Impossible. How to connect? How to get their attention?

Without pretence, Robin Sieger knows how to keep an audience on the edge of their seats without clichés, by using humour and an unmatched story- telling-tempo that takes you on a roller coaster of inner-reflection, inner-conviction, and inner resolution and leaves you feeling courageous – and even a bit euphoric – about winning.

You might believe that almost anyone could walk in front of a room and capture the hearts and minds of the audience. In reality we know that just doesn’t happen. Yet, I saw an audience break out with pens take notes, and later listened to conversations around the water cooler about the presentation you gave, and their take away.”


“Thank you for the fantastic talk you gave at the end of the HSBC Conference, the audience were captivated and for 1500 delegates at the end of a long day, was an achievement in itself”


“We have had amazing feedback from everyone including the CEO who said Robin was the best speaker we have ever had. As well as being very funny his points were clear and most importantly absolutely relevant. Not only did I find his presentation really useful, he was a delight to work with, and made my job easier on the day”


“…Robin Sieger demonstrates an instinctive ability to engage at an intellectual and emotional level with his audience. In Milan I witnessed him hold a diverse group of 46 Managing Directors for 2 hours in the palm of his hand. Most recently he talked at a kick-off event to 450 of my UK employees. The feedback and buzz created was fantastic. Exactly on target. Robin is the gold standard. He informs, inspires and engages. All with good humour too. He creates real and lasting change. The best business motivational speaker I have worked with.”


Managing Director


Hewlett Packard Enterprise


“It is difficult to know how to adequately express my thanks and appreciation for your superb contribution to our conference. The inspiration you so passionately instilled in us will remain with us, both individually and collectively, for a very long time.”

Norwich Union

“To say that I was impressed with Robin would be a huge understatement, without exception the best I have seen. Your talk at our global conference in Las Vegas was the highlight of the week for me, there were excellent messages delivered in a very meaningful manner. How you kept 6500 people from 44 countries engaged and laughing is something I will never forget”


“Thank you for delivering such a dynamic and motivating presentation.  I can honestly tell you I have heard specific point you made in your speech recited many times since then”